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MasterSeal ® 735AT APP plastomeric bitumen torch-applied membrane with stabilized non-woven polyester felt reinforcement DESCRIPTION MasterSeal 735AT is plastomeric ...

  • pdf, 83,88 Kb

MasterTop P 651_TDS

MasterTop ® P 651 Three-component, high-build solvent free epoxy surface sealer and primer DESCRIPTION MasterTop P 651 is a high grade; high-build, three-component epoxy ...

  • pdf, 34,17 Kb


MasterTop ® 528 Commercial grade self smoothing cementitious floor underlayment DESCRIPTION MasterTop 528 is a self-smoothing, cementitious, non-structural, floor underlayment ...

  • pdf, 41,69 Kb

Injection materials

Injection Solutions for Underground Construction2Injection from Master Builders Solutions Master Builders Solutions from BASF The Master Builders Solutions brand brings all of ...

  • pdf, 3,03 Mb

MasterRoc RBA 380 TDS

Highly reactive, thixotropic polyurea silicate injection resin for rock bolt installation ... Product description MasterRoc RBA 380 is a fast reacting two component polyurea silicate ...

  • pdf, 143,97 Kb

MasterRoc RBA 387 TDS

Highly reactive, thixotropic polyurea silicate injection resin for rock bolt installation ... Product description MasterRoc RBA 387 is a rapid reacting two component polyurea silicate ...

  • pdf, 130,63 Kb


MasterSeal ® 754 Pre-applied FPO waterproofing membrane for below ground concrete structures DESCRIPTION MasterSeal 754 is a pre-applied sheet membrane waterproofing system ...

  • pdf, 83,09 Kb


High strength, shrinkage compensated cementitious micro concrete ... MasterFlow 980 is a ready to use product in powder form, which requires only the on-site addition of water to ...

  • pdf, 76,93 Kb

MasterTop 1211GF_TDS

MasterTop ® 1211GF High-build solvent free epoxy glass flake coating system for traffic deck protection DESCRIPTION MasterTop 1211GF is a multi-component solvent free epoxy ...

  • pdf, 40,87 Kb

MasterTop P 1240 / 1250

MasterTop ® P 1240/50 Epoxy primer for MasterTop 1240 DESCRIPTION MasterTop P 1240/50 primer is a two component solvent free primer based upon epoxy resins ...

  • pdf, 39,70 Kb

MasterTop 1240T_TDS

MasterTop 1240T is a multi-component epoxy mortar system applied in thicknesses of 5mm and above, designed to provide a durable purpose system for floor screeding, coving and ...

  • pdf, 73,36 Kb

MasterTop F11_TDS

MasterTop ® F11 High quality, decorative coloured quartz aggregates for use in conjunction with MasterTop Floor Coatings, Ucrete and MasterSeal Traffic Systems DESCRIPTION ...

  • pdf, 40,27 Kb

MasterTop BC 325N_TDS

MasterTop ® BC 325N 2K-PU coating, non-solvented, low emission, elastic, pigmented and sound absorbing, selflevelling PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MasterTop BC 325N is a two component ...

  • pdf, 43,67 Kb

MasterTop BC 361_TDS

MasterTop ® BC 361 2 K PU coating, UV and colour stable, self levelling, pigmented, solvent free, soft and elastic DESCRIPTION MasterTop BC 361 is a colour stable, self ...

  • pdf, 42,95 Kb

MasterTop TC 417W_TDS

MasterTop ® TC 417W 2K-PU-top coat, water borne, non-solvented, elastic, UV-stable, matt, low emission, clear or pigmented DESCRIPTION MasterTop TC 417W is a water borne ...

  • pdf, 45,55 Kb

MasterSeal GP Foam_TDS

General purpose expanding foam gap filler ... It cures through reaction with atmospheric moisture to a semi-flexible foam with tenacious adhesion to most construction materials ...

  • pdf, 65,70 Kb


MasterTile ® NTS 26 Rapid Medium-bed mortar for ceramic and critical natural stone coverings DESCRIPTION MasterTile NTS 26 Rapid is a cement based, polymer modified, highly ...

  • pdf, 64,10 Kb

MasterSeal B1 Foam_TDS

MasterSeal ® B1 Foam Fire retardant, expanding foam and gap filler DESCRIPTION MasterSeal B1 Foam is a specially formulated, single component, expanding construction foam with ...

  • pdf, 43,08 Kb

Senerflex Finishes_TDS

Senerflex ® Finishes Description 100% acrylic polymer finishes with advanced technology to improve long-term performance and dirt pick-up resistance ... Can also be utilized as a ...

  • pdf, 43,17 Kb


MasterWeld ® 303 Versatile, solvent free, nail free fixing, construction adhesive DESCRIPTION MasterWeld 303 is a high grade acrylic adhesive and filler with excellent initial ...

  • pdf, 41,20 Kb
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