MasterEase 3975 - A Poly Aryl Ether based superplasticizer for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete 


MasterEase 3975 is an innovative latest generation superplasticizer based on Poly Aryl Ether (PAE) polymers, and is specially engineered for ready-mix concrete. 

Where is MasterEase 3975 applied?

MasterEase 3975 is used for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete. 

What are the advantages of MasterEase 3975?

The ready-mix producer:

  • Capability of delivering high performance concrete with enhanced rheology
  • Concrete is easier to pump reducing pumping time and wear-and-tear on equipment
  • Concrete is easier to place and finish
  • Enhanced rheology is maintained from time of mixing to time of placement

The contractor / applicator:

  • Easier placing and faster strength development
  • Improved concrete surfaces

The engineer:

  • Insurance that concrete meets original specification
  • High quality durable concrete

Product information

Technical Data Sheet

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