MasterEmaco S 466PM - Polymer modified, shrinkage compensated, free flowing precision concrete

What is MasterEmaco S 466PM?

MasterEmaco S 466PM is a polymer modified high strength precision concrete, requiring only the on-site addition of water to provide a free flowing concrete ideally suited for placing in nominal thicknesses of 40mm and above. When mixed, applied and cured in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

MasterEmaco S 466PM produces a free flowing precision concrete free from segregation and bleeding.

What is MasterEmaco S 466PM used for?

MasterEmaco S 466PM is the ideal material for vertical or horizontal structural repairs wherever the use of formwork is preferable to hand or machine applied repair systems.

Where is MasterEmaco S 466PM applied?

MasterEmaco S 466PM  is used for general repair and renovation of decayed,defective or damaged concrete such as columns. walls, beams, honeycombed concrete and floors

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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