MasterGlenium 111Q - Polycarboxylic ether based superplasticizer for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete

What is MasterGlenium 111Q?

MasterGlenium 111Q is an innovative latest generation superplasticizer based on polycarboxylic ether (PCE) polymers, and is specially engineered for ready-mix concrete.

Which are MasterGlenium 111Q main benefits?

The ready-mix producer:

  • Capability of delivering high performance concrete at any time to the job site in place

  • Production of a concrete with low water cement ratios with excellent workability retention properties

  • Single product for many application needs

The contractor / applicator:

  • Easier placing and faster strength development

  • Improved concrete surfaces

  • Guarantee to place the same concrete a specified and ordered from ready-mix plant

The engineer:

  • Insurance that concrete meets original specification

  • High quality durable concrete

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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