MasterRoc MP 367 Foam - Highly reactive, two component polyurea silicate injection foam for cavity filling and ground consolidation 


MasterRoc MP 367 Foam is two component polyurea silicate foam specifically designed for rapid cavity filling and ground consolidation.  

Where is MasterRoc MP 367 Foam applied?

  • Void and cavity filling, also to avoid water or gas accumulation 
  • Consolidation of fractured rock in underground structures
  • Consolidation of rock in coal mines 

What are the advantages of MasterRoc MP 367 Foam?

  • Very fast reacting material. 
  • Stable and workable foam structure.
  • Does not expand its volume on contact with water.
  • Shows good adhesion to wet and low friction substrates. 
  • Fire resistant (according to DIN 4102-B2). 

Product Information

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