MasterRoc STS 3210 – Spray applied, single component, polymer modified watertight mortar

What is MasterRoc STS 3210?

MasterRoc STS 3210 is a one-component polymer modified watertight mortar for spray-application on concrete.

The product is applied by the dry spray method with water mixed in the spraying nozzle and impacts the substrate as a micro mortar.

Where would you use MasterRoc STS 3210?

The product is suitable for:

  • Control of small water ingress
  • Smoothening layer for waterproofing membranes 
  • Sealing of damp areas

In mining:

  • Anti-weathering and sealing
  • Ventilation improvement by reduced surface friction
  • Corrosion protection of standing steel support
  • Abutment for low pressure injection

How does MasterRoc STS 3210 benefit customers?

  • No toxic components.
  • No classification needed for transport.
  • Ready for use.
  • Fast setting, rapid increase in strength development.
  • Good bond to concrete
  • Simple spray application with dry spray equipment.
  • Allows several 100 m conveyance distance between gun and nozzle. Possible to spray at a conveyance distance of over 100m between the hopper and nozzle.
  • Rapid set-up; allows stop and start; minimal cleaning, no material waste 

Product Information
Technical Data Sheet

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