MasterSeal 720PB

Glass fibre impregnated bituminous protection boards 


MasterSeal 720PB is a semi rigid preformed Protection Board composed of mineralized polymer bitumen impregnated and coated with rot proof cores covered with polyethylene film on both sides. 

Where is MasterSeal 720PB bituminous protection boards applied?

Robust, durable and flexible.

  • Avoids the need for masonry or screed protection.
  • Compatible with all waterproofing systems. 
  • Not affected by corrosive salts in ground water. 
  • Rot proof. 

What are the advantages of MasterSeal 720PB glass fibre impregnated bituminous protection boards?

MasterSeal 720PB has been developed to provide delicate waterproofing systems with a protective barrier against abrasive back-filling, site abuse or damage caused by steel fixers. The boards are unaffected by high heat and will not sag or lose shape. 

Product information

Technical Data Sheet

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