MasterSeal B1 Foam - Fire retardant, single component expanding handy foam and gap filler

What is the MasterSeal B1 Foam?

MasterSeal B1 Foam is a specially formulated, single component, expanding construction foam with fire retardant properties. It is fire rated B1 when tested according to DIN 4102-1. It is used to create a seal between building elements and around intrusions. It cures through reaction with atmospheric moisture to a semi-flexible foam with tenacious adhesion to most construction materials.

What is MasterSeal B1 Foam recommended for?

MasterSeal B1 Foam has been especially developed to provide a simple method for providing a fire resistant seal in filling irregular
gaps and cavities between building elements such as separation walls, ceilings and floors and around intrusions such as pipes, cable trays, conduits and ducting. It is ideal for rapid, economic fixing and sealing around window and door frames.

Which are MasterSeal B1 Foam main advantages?

  • Fire resistance in joints up to 30mm of 120 minutes
  • Tested according to EN 1366-4
  • High expansion for maximum yield
  • Bonds perfectly on most substrates without primer: can be universally used
  • Can be used to fill irregular gaps and cavities
  • Simple application
  • Can be shaped and cut after only 1 hour
  • Can be painted or plastered over
  • Low thermal conductivity helps prevent cold gaps and condensation
  • Good acoustic insulation properties

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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