MasterSeal HY 495 - Hybrid ultra-high performance, façade and structural sealant

What is MasterSeal HY 495?

MasterSeal HY 495 is a high-grade, hybrid Silane-terminated polyurethane compound one component moisture curing, low-modulus sealant and adhesive.

What is MasterSeal HY 495 recommended for?

MasterSeal HY 495 is a hybrid sealant specially developed for sealing of all types of external or internal facade joints. Expansion joints - Construction joints - Joints in precast elements – External walling and cladding joints - Infill panel joints - Curtain walling – Window and door frame sealing - Bridge and balcony parapets - Retaining walls – Subways - Reservoirs and water retaining structures.

Which are MasterSeal HY 495 main benefits?

  • Free from isocyanates and silicones
  • Excellent adhesion to most building substrates
  • Highly resistance to ageing and weathering
  • Strong, permanently elastic, durable seal
  • Excellent adhesion, without primer to most surfaces
  • Odorless, UV, water, and fungal growth resistant

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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