MasterSeal M 262 - Polyurethane liquid membrane for waterproofing of wet rooms and non-exposed applications

What is MasterSeal M 262?

MasterSeal M 262 is a one component polyurethane fluid which cures with the humidity in the atmosphere. It produces a highly elastic, hydrophobic membrane and has been designed to offer excellent long term waterproofing of wet rooms, substructures and any application not exposed to UV. The rheology of the material is such that it allows easy application even on vertical substrates.

It is recommended for wet rooms, dam-proof coatings for foundations, flat roofs, verandas and balconies.

Which are the main advantages of MasterSeal M 262?

MasterSeal M 262 offers the following benefits:

  • Highly Elastic
  • Easy application even on vertical substrates
  • Resistance to cold: The film remains elastic even down to -40°
  • Non-toxic after full cure
  • Water vapour transmission: The film breathes so there is no accumulation of humidity under the coat
  • Special primers available for almost any substrate

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet

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