MasterTile NTS 26 Rapid

Medium-bed mortar for ceramic and critical natural stone coverings


MasterTile NTS 26 Rapid is a cement based, polymer modified, highly stable, high performance, flexible adhesive used in adhesion of natural stones, granites, marbles and glass mosaics, and can also be used to bond ceramics. 

Where is MasterTile NTS 26 Rapid applied?

  • For indoor and outdoor use. 
  • For walls and floors.
  • To lay natural stone tiles.
  • To level uneven substrates prior to laying tiles.
  • On stairs of villas, hotels, in living areas, on heated screeds, balconies and terraces, in halls, rooms and corridors of industrial buildings, retail outlets, markets, institutional, service and administration buildings and airports.
  • Can also be used for ceramics 

What are the advantages of MasterTile NTS 26 Rapid?

  • Plastic, workable bedding mortar, the mediumbed mortar is spread with only a notched trowel (medium-bed trowel).
  • Flexible, compensates fluctuations in temperature and expansion in the substrate.
  • Good adhesion without pre-wetting or priming on concrete, sand-cement screed, and render.
  • Low shrinkage, no tensions caused by shrinkage between MasterTile NTS 26 Rapid and the natural stone tile even with large mortar bed thicknesses (up to 4cm) vertical or horizontal. However, the non-sag characteristic is for vertical installation @ at approximately 5mm bed thickness.
  • Resistant to frost and permanent exposure to wetness, multi-purpose use indoors and out, on walls and floors.
  • Quick setting, reduces penetration of moisture into the material during the installation thus preventing efflorescence.
  • Rapid curing, walkable and groutable after approx. 6 hours, able to bear weight after approx. 1 day.
  • No staining from the adhesive bed with white marble if the installation is carried out in the buttering-floating method.
  • Conforms to EN 12004-C2FT class C2 = Cement based adhesive with improved additional properties F = Rapid hardening cement based adhesive T = Reduced slipping property 

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