MasterTop BC 375NAS - 2K-PU coating, pigmented, anti-static, non-solvented, low emission, self-levelling


MasterTop BC 375NAS is an anti-static, nonsolvented, low emission, pre-filled, 2K-selflevelling polyurethane floor coating.

Where is MasterTop BC 375NAS applied?

MasterTop BC 375NAS is used indoor when an anti-static floor coating for light to medium traffic is required

MasterTop BC 375NAS is suitable for applications to mineral substrates such as concrete or cement mortar floor screeds, which have been primed with a 2K-EP primer, laid with copper strips and primed with the conductive primer MasterTop P 687WAS. 

MasterTop BC 375NAS can also be applied to bituminous substrates with special primers like MasterTop P 660 or MasterTop BC 375N. It is part of system MasterTop 1324 ESD for ESD requirements according to EN 61340-5-1 or in the system MasterTop 1324 AS according to EN 1081. MasterTop BC 375NAS fits to the low emission of AgBB standard.

What are the advantages of MasterTop BC 375NAS?

  • low emission according to AgBB 
  • conductive floor coating 
  • exhibits excellent mechanical and 
  • anti-static properties 
  • good abrasion resistance 
  • easy to clean and maintain 
  • low emission (AgBB) 
  • static crack bridging properties

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