MasterTop P 615 - A solvent free (total solid), sand broadcast free, low emission, two component primer based on epoxy resin under EP- and PUR flooring or for oil contaminated substrates. 


MasterTop P 615 is a solvent free (total solid), low viscosity, low emission, two component epoxy resin based primer for use under EP and PUR flooring systems. This primer does not normally need to be broadcast with sand for adhesion to the following coat. 

Where is MasterTop P 615 applied?

MasterTop P 615 is designed for use as a primer on mineral substrates such as concrete and cementitious screed with MasterTop floor coating systems and with MasterSeal waterproofing membranes applied manually.

In on-grade applications, a damp proof membrane must be installed and known to be effective. Moreover MasterTop P 615 can be applied on pre-cleaned oil contaminated and wet matt substrates. Please keep in touch with our technical service for this kind of application

What are the advantages of MasterTop P 615?

  • broadcast sand not normally required 
  • low emission (conform to AgBB) 
  • low viscosity 
  • easy to apply 
  • excellent penetration 
  • seals pores and capillaries 
  • excellent bond to substrate 
  • high moisture tolerance 

Product Information

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MasterTop P 615

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