Senergy - Exterior Insulation Wall Systems

What are the Senergy Wall Systems?

BASF Construction Chemicals' Senergy Wall Systems are highly decorative, multi-layered, insulating and protective finish systems for exterior walls. EIFS systems and products address the complexities of design, performance, affordability, sustainability, climate and speed of construction. Combining knowledge, experience and the leading-edge technologies of BASF, our wall systems deliver innovative products and systems for every market, from new to retrofit — in commercial, institutional and residential construction.

What makes EIFS the best solution for your building?

EIFS is the only exterior wall covering that insulates and provides weather protection in a selection of shapes, colors and textures that can replicate almost any architectural style or finish material, or stand by itself as an architectural feature.

More information on the Senergy brand please visit the Senergy Global Website 

Senergy Products

Adhesives, coats and ancillaries

Skim Coat

Factory-mixed, 100% acrylic polymer-based, sandable skim coat

​Alpha Dry Adhesive

Dry-mix polymer adhesive containing Portland cement, and requiring only water for mixing.

​Alpha Dry Base Coat

Dry-mix polymer adhesive and base coat

​Corner Bead Alu with Mesh

Aluminium corner bead with mesh

​Senergy Reinforcing Mesh

Balanced, open-weave glass, fiber reinforcing mesh, twisted multi-end strands

​Starter Track Alu

Box- shaped Aluminium starter track for exterior use, with a drip edge to allow moisture to shed down the surface

​Tinted Primer

100% acrylic-based primer

​Senerflex Belgian Lace Finish

Fine ’‘worm-hole“ appearance which is achieved by the random aggregate sizes

​Senerflex Classic Finish

Finish coat with a "worm-hole" appearance

​Senerflex Coarse Finish

Finish coat with a heavy “worm- hole” appearance

​Senerflex Fine Finish

Finish coat with uniformly-sized aggregate for a smooth, fine texture

​Senerflex Sahara Finish

Finish coat with uniform "pebble' appearance

​Senerflex Texture Finish

Finish coat that can achieve a wide variety of free-formed, textured appearances, including stipple and skip-trowel
Weather and Air Barriers


Fiber-reinforced liquid applied air/weather resistive barrier


Ready-mixed flexible coating that functions as a air and weather barrier

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