Alpha Dry Adhesive

How does Alpha Dry Adhesive work?

Alpha Dry Adhesive is a dry-mix polymer adhesive containing Portland cement, and requiring only water for mixing. 

What is Alpha Dry Adhesive used for?

  • For use with the Senerflex Wall System to adhere expanded polystyrene insulation board to the following acceptable substrates: SENERSHIELDTM, SENERSHIELD-R, unpainted and unglazed concrete or unit masonry, Dens-Glass Gold (ASTM C1177), Fiberock Aqua-Tough Sheathing, waterresistant core gypsum sheathing (ASTM C79/ASTM C1396), new and untreated Exposure 1 or exterior grade plywood or Exposure 1 OSB, PermaBase cement-board, Wonder Board cement- board, Durock cement-board, Plycem cement-board, Harditex cement-board, and Eterspan cement-board (ASTM C1325 Type A Exterior). Note: Wood-based sheathing substrates require priming with Senerprime.
  • To adhere expanded polystyrene insulation board to expanded polystyrene insulation board. 

Product Information

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