Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

The development of the oil and gas industry is integral to meeting the world’s constantly increasing energy demands. As the industry explores some of the farthest and most obscure corners of the globe in search of new reserves, Master Builders Solutions experts from BASF offer intelligent construction solutions on an international scale for both on- and offshore oil and gas exploration.

Proven technologies in concrete repair and protection meet the world’s energy demands

The often severe conditions under which oil & gas is extracted requires high performance solutions that repair and protect concrete from chemical substances, corrosion, fire and deterioration

The Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF is an internationally accepted and respected line of structural repair mortars, pile encapsulation, carbon fiber wraps, chemical resistant coatings, and corrosion inhibitors for the oil and gas exploration industry. Within this line, many products are specially formulated to withstand the extreme performance demanded from harsh on- and offshore conditions.

The product offering is supported by a highly skilled technical services team. These professionals understand the importance of delivering products and system solutions that ensure structural longevity in aggressive environments and the smooth continuity of operations, and they are available to assist on projects in every corner of the globe.

MasterBrace - Composite strengthening systems to restore damaged concrete to its original load bearing capacity, and can increase its strength and structural performance

MasterProtect - Water repellents, anti-carbonation and chemical resistant coating systems for protecting the concrete against the ingress of any contaminant

MasterEmaco - Primers, repair mortars and fairing coats to regain the structure's original strength and durability and also to protect against corrosion

MasterInject: Injection resins to fill and seal cracks and voids, re-establishing the structural integrity and protecting against further deterioration


For nearly 100 years, grouts from the Master Builders Solutions portfolio of BASF have been providing the “vital link” in oil & gas equipment operation. Both cementitious and epoxy grouting technologies are employed to maintain precision alignment of critical equipment even under severe torque and vibrational loads. Major global equipment manufacturers and engineer and construction teams rely on MasterFlow solutions in installations around the globe.

Grouting that offers unrivalled support, excellent durability and secure installation

The MasterFlow product family encompasses world leading grouting solutions for the secure installation and stabilization of on- and offshore oil and gas exploratory equipment and structures.

Many of these grouts are specially formulated to endure extreme temperatures and are fatigue resistant, ensuring long-lasting security, stability and alignment with zero shrinkage. The MasterFlow products maintain precision alignment of critical equipment even under harsh environments.

MasterFlow - Cementitious and resin grouts for general purpose & precision grouting and also for anchoring

solutions for oil and gas


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